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Hi, I'm an International Transformation Coach and the founder of LOTOS International Group Ltd. Now, more than ever before, we are being called to reflect on all areas of our lives - through a much more honest lens. It has taken a global pandemic to make us re-prioritise and set boundaries around what we are willing to accept, and look ahead to what we want to manifest in our lives. It is not easy to navigate the hurricane of life - there isn't a rule book and it is a very personal journey. 


Change is inevitable, and often difficult, but it is made easier when you have the right people who are invested in helping you. The coaching I provide de-codes any confusion and re-aligns you with your intuitive goals and life purpose. You just FEEL different when you are doing what you are meant to do. I have been though, and continue to go through my share of challenges and along the way, I have discovered I am an empath, a warrior, an intuitive, and I never give up.


I hope you find something of interest in my site, and I look forward to meeting with you when you feel ready.

Nikki Jordan



"When you have reached that point in your life when it's difficult to decide what path to take next and you have stalled, I can think of no better person than Nikki to help you prioritize your personal goals and your next steps".
Michelle Axford, Wales, U.K.

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